Diabetes Sensor

Innovation in Diabetes Management

This course provides an overview of flash glucose monitoring, and its place in the care of people with diabetes. You will learn about the differences between interstitial and capillary glucose monitoring, the key features of flash glucose monitoring, including how to interpret reporting data, and how you can help patients use reports to guide glycemic management and inform clinical decisions. The course includes three sections: types of glucose monitoring, a flash glucose monitoring case study, and flash glucose monitoring reporting. 

Subject Matter Expert
Lori Berard, RN, CDE, Nurse Consultant

Dinah Santos, BScPhm, CDE
Rick Siemens, BScPharm, BScBiol, CDE, CPT

Disclosures: The subject matter expert wishes to declare that she is a member of an advisory board and speaker’s bureau for the sponsor and is also a participant in research for a commercial entity other than the sponsor. One of the expert reviewers is a member of advisory boards and has received funds from commercial entities other than the sponsor. He has also been a paid speaker for the sponsor.

This course has been supported by an educational grant from Abbott.

Directions for Completing the Course

This course has 1 module and will take a total of approximately 1.0 hour to complete. 

For this online interactive course, you can use more than one session to finish. Each time you resume the interactive course, you will be asked if you wish to continue where you left off.

Registration Information

The course is free to all practicing pharmacists in the province and is available on the BCPhA eTraining portal. A BCPhA account is required to access the course.

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