Regulatory Compliance Bootcamp

This online course will address regulatory compliance issues and is designed to help mitigate the risks of penalties associated with audit assessments.  It will also address privacy practices, as well as College of Pharmacists of BC regulations.

This course uses real life situations and the errors we have seen in many different audits and is essential for pharmacists, pharmacy managers and owners.

This course will assist you in becoming more aware and compliant with the applicable rules and regulations. Pharmacists who take this course will be equipped with skills and knowledge to bring back to the workplace to review and improve current work flow processes to mitigate the risk of facing the average audit assessment of $200,000/pharmacy in any year (based on an error rate between 8% to 25% of your billings depending on your practice and staff).


The online course is delivered by Derek Desrosiers, Bryce Wong and Cyril Lopez who will share their professional knowledge and experience in audits and their defence. 

Program modules

Current Pharmacy 
Environment Regulatory Framework

Future Vulnerable Areas – Consent: Personal Information or Healthcare
Record Retention

Audit Process 
Audit Awareness 
Protecting Your Practice & Business

Testimonials (live sessions)

“This was an EXCELLENT program and EVERY registrant in the province should be required to attend!!”” 

"Awesome!! We all need to show PharmaCare that their expense of 11 new hiring of auditors was NOT well spent."

"The presentations were crisp and to the point. As with anytime a group of Pharmacists get together, the "war stories" we can all share, create as much information as that being presented."

"This workshop is a must for new pharmacies, pharmacies wishing to expand their business, as well as any person(s) within your business that are responsible for Third Party Risk Assessment. The workshop is an excellent source of information, where you can receive real-time answers from the association to provide guidance on all aspects of your pharmacy practice."

"Reopened my eyes."

“As an owner/manager my practice was very busy and I didn’t keep track of the changing audit approach of payers. They are using the letter of the law without any leeway for errors due to practice or patient circumstances.” 

“The audit approach has changed. When I see the examples of the basis of audit claw backs, I am shocked. They are going by the book. For sure such a workshop, with its real life examples, would support our staff in understanding that compliance is a key process.” 

Registration fee


Member price: $299 and non-member price: $699.  Once your enrollment for this course is complete, you will receive an enrollment email to confirm the course availability