ImmsBC Pilot for Pharmacies

Instructions for Pharmacies

Below is a custom set of instructions for pharmacies for using ImmsBC. 

Some of these files have been revised specifically for pharmacies and do not reside on ImmsBC, so please keep this in mind when using the Knowledge base in ImmsBC.   

There are a lot of steps beyond accepting online appointments.  You must also accept inventory into your fridge, check-in clients, complete the vaccination and send to after-care (to both deplete inventory as well as so the data will be sent to PIR), document AEFIs when applicable, enter wastage and reconcile your pharmacy's inventory.

Please take the time to go through all these files before launching your pharmacy.  These are instructions are placed in the order you will need them for setting up and operating ImmsBC in your pharmacy.  We also recommend watching the training webinar at the bottom of this page as reference as well.


Follow the steps below to setup your account.  These instructions would have been emailed to you with your account details as well.

  1. Initial Log in


Once you gain access to the training environment, you can navigate through the system and perform most of the functions listed in the instruction guide above.  Some of the options may not be available in the training environment however, particularly receiving inventory and check-in a client. 


Once you are ready to use the live environment, be sure to use the production/live environment link to access the system.  Be sure to click on BC Provider Pharmacy before you attempt to log in.  You may need to accept the terms of use again when logging into the live environment.  You should not use real PHNs in this system for any of the testing.   


ImmsBC has multiple App areas to perform different functions so navigation can be tricky at first. You will need to understand these basics first in order to complete the other functions below.

  1. Basic Navigation
  2. How to Set User Defaults

STEP 3 (ImmsBC System Admin Role Only)

Once you setup appointment blocks and set them as "active" patients can book them immediately.  We recommend setting up only a few days to one week worth of appointments first to test out the system. The pilot will only be running until end of September, so please do not create any appointments blocks for October. 

The system does not prevent overbooking so DO NOT set more appointments than you have inventory on hand.  Keep in mind that ordering of additional doses is weekly and can take anywhere from 5 days to 14 days for it to arrive depending on when you place the order.  Ordering instructions can be found here.

  1. How to Create and Adjust Appointment Blocks


  1. How to Access Basic Reports
  2. How to Review Daily Client Lists


Inventory management is required and will impact your ability to record vaccine administration as well as determine eligibility for top-up requests. 

  1. Inventory Management, Receiving Doses

NOTE: To reorder additional doses, please refer to the Pfizer Guidance Documentation instructions and weekly deadlines on Ordering and Distribution of Vaccine & Supplies


We recommend allowing for more time between appointments for your first day of appointments so your staff have the chance to familiarize with the mandatory check-in, appointment completion and after-care entry.

  1. How to Check-In a Client or How to Manage a Walk-In
  2. How to Complete or Defer Vaccine Administration 
    or How to Report Historical Doses in ImmsBC (e.g., received a dose outside of the province and note seen in ImmsBC), please view the video at the bottom of this page and skip to 1:08:32.
  3. How to Manage After-Care

Inventory management is required and we will rely on this to determine eligibility for top-up requests.

  1. How to Book Call-in Patients or Walk-in for Future Appointments - Dose 1
  2. How to Book Call-in Patients or Walk-in for Future Appointments - Dose 2
  3. How to Reschedule or Cancel Appointments
  4. How to Change Booked Appointments to Missed Appointments
  5. How to Record Wastage and Make Adjustments

System Access Issues

You may find yourself not being able to access the ImmsBC system for various reasons (e.g., no internet connection, mobile device out of battery to authenticate, system outage).  

If that is the case, please use this system downtime form.

At the end of the system outage, please send all the completed forms by email to  It will take the ImmsBC team a few business days to data enter the information into ImmsBC and PIR, so please be sure to inform the patient of this time lag for the information to be updated on their immunization record.

Pfizer Vaccine Guidance Documents for Pharmacy

General Support

If you have any questions on ImmsBC or require any general support, please contact Vince Lee

Recorded Training Session

The training webinar was hosted on August 12, 2021 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  Thanks for the 118 pilot participants for joining us.  

Please feel free to watch the webinar below as well as go through the documents listed above.