BCPhA is the #1 resource for pharmacists in British Columbia looking for work – and for pharmacies looking to recruit.

Membership of our Association puts a number of job-hunting and recruiting tools right at your fingertips.


The BCPhA online Job Board and print version that appears in The Tablet magazine is a recruitment tool like no other – and it’s only available for BCPhA members to view.  With 100-150 new pharmacy job postings every year, it's the best pharmacy Job Board in BC!

As a member, you can also post your resumes on our Hire-a-Pharmacist page - showcasing your skills to more than 850 BCPhA Pharmacy (Corporate) members (please note: resumes are only visible to Pharmacy members).

We also have links to useful resources and to help you package your resume, cover letter and also prepare for your interview.


As a BCPhA Pharmacy member, you may post an unlimited amount of job posting on our online Job Board as well as The Tablet magazine.  With more than 20,000 pageviews to the Job Board last year alone by BCPhA Pharmacists members, it's the best pharmacy Job Board in BC!

In addition, Pharmacy members can also browse through the Hire-a-Pharmacist page where Pharmacist members post their resumes and showcase their skills.

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