Our Goals Defined

1. To advocate for paid pharmacy services that leverage the knowledge, skills and scope of expertise of community pharmacists.

Purpose of the Goal

The BC Pharmacy Association advocates for the economic sustainability of the pharmacy profession. As the single unified voice for all community pharmacists and pharmacies in the province, the Association monitors and works with stakeholders to increase understanding of pharmacists’ skill, knowledge and value. The payment for professional pharmacy services by the government and insurers show value of the expertise that community pharmacists bring to the health-care team.

Supporting Activities

  1. Advance work on pharmacogenomics
    Action: Determine feasibility and interest in a phase three for the Genomics for Precision Drug Therapy in the Community Pharmacy project.

  2. Partner with Pharmaceutical Services Division (PSD)

       Action: Work with the PSD in resolving some administrative burdens and review various fees        (not including the dispensing fee) that should be increased/changed and the rationale for any        proposed changes.

  1. Explore pharmacists prescribing authority
    Action: Continue to assess the opportunity and lay the groundwork to pursue pharmacist prescribing authority in British Columbia in the context of changes to regulations and the Health Professions Act.

  2. Advocate on Third Party Payer Issues
    Action: Determine if the current efforts through the CPhA Third Party Working Group is effective or whether the association should shift its efforts to work directly with third party payers.

  3. Work with the First Nations Health Authority
    Action: Continue supporting members who serve first nations patients with education sessions and resources. Not only do our members find value in this, but there are also revenue opportunities for the association.

  4. Advocate for Pharmacist initiated Suboxone therapy
    Action: Continue to advocate to BCCDC for support in a pharmacist initiated Suboxone therapy pilot.

Goal 2: To provide value and excellence in services that meet the needs of pharmacy and pharmacist members.

Purpose of the Goal
The BC Pharmacy Association is a service-focused in all its interactions with members. It ensures members are properly informed to make decisions, includes member feedback in its decision making and provides programs and education that members value.

Supporting Activities

  1. Continue to monitor membership value
    Action: The Association will prepare a gap analysis between expectations of the Association of individual versus corporate members to ensure all levels of membership value their membership.

  2. Advance Member engagement initiatives
    Action: Implement a corporate member engagement plan including regular face-to-face meetings as well as hosting a second corporate advisory forum. Keep all members informed on advocacy efforts and expand our MLA Outreach program member involvement through our “take your MLA to work” initiative. 

  3. Explore other training initiatives
    Action: Continue providing complimentary continuing education programs as well as seek other training initiatives specific for pharmacists.

  4. Maintain premium training programs
    Action: Update and maintain the OAT CAMPP, pharmacy manager program and travel medicine program and relaunch the BCPhA Regulatory Compliance Bootcamp, Asthma Health Coaching, and Diabetes Health Coaching programs.


3. To promote and protect the profession and business of community pharmacy in British Columbia.

Purpose of the Goal
The BCPhA cultivates strong stakeholder relationships and seeks opportunities to raise awareness and support of the expanding role pharmacists play in the primary health-care team. It maintains the knowledge and information that is required for each audience allowing for understanding of the profession and business of community pharmacy and provides the pharmacist voice to policies that impact the profession.  

Supporting Activities

  1. Grow the MLA Outreach program
    Action:  Expand the “take your MLA to work” outreach program including not only MLAs, but also MPs to discuss Pharmacare.

2.   Play a relevant role in the modernization of provincial health profession regulators
Action: Continue to monitor the implementation of the Cayton Report and how it impacts pharmacy regulations and the role of the College. Develop position on the role of the BCPhA in advocating for the profession.

3.   Engage on members’ behalf with the College of Pharmacists of BC
Action: The impact on College bylaws and practice guidelines on pharmacy practice and the business is considerable. The Association has and will continue to seek the legal and practice knowledge needed to engage with the College on key issues. In 2020, the Association aims to be involved in setting standards for error reporting through the College’s Error Reporting Implementation Working Group.

4.   Execute an effective public awareness campaign
Action: Continue to engage the public through a public awareness campaign on pharmacy services available in B.C.