Regulatory Compliance Support

The impact of PharmaCare audits on pharmacies across the province has grown significantly over the last year. Many questions have arisen about the implementation of PharmaCare audit policies and procedures.

As a result, the BCPhA:

  • has developed Policy and Procedure Manuals to support pharmacies in documenting policies and procedures that ensure operational activities are compliant with the regulatory framework governing pharmacy practice.

  • has created an Audit Task Force, with the approval from the BCPhA Board, to investigate escalating concerns members have about PharmaCare audits.  Our work over the last several months has led us to conclude that there are substantive issues that need to be addressed.  We have made a submission on PharmaCare audits to the Minister.

  • has been working with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, the College of Pharmacists of BC and the ministry, in looking for ways in which to deal with the issue of prescriber errors and omissions and the impact that has on pharmacy.
  • has developed a fax template that will help you with communicating with physician offices whenever you receive a prescription that does not have all the required information completed. 

  • with the assistance of Sara Levine, AllianceLex Corporation, prepared a guidance note on record retention for members.

  • has created a Regulatory Compliance Bootcamp that will address privacy practices as well as College of Pharmacists of BC regulations, payer compliance issues and is designed to help mitigate the risks of the penalties associated with audit assessments.