Personal Protective Equipment Suppliers for Pharmacies

The BC Pharmacy Association has been notified by several members that they have been contacted by suspected scammers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the BCPhA understands pharmacies are seeking alternative suppliers for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It is important to remember to exercise due diligence when interacting with any alternative supplier.

We have contacted a number of suppliers, however many do not have inventory in stock.  We have also heard from members who found their own suppliers and placed orders four weeks ago and the masks have not yet arrived.  To avoid this type of situation, we will only list suppliers who have supplies on hand and ship within a short timeframe upon order.

Please check back as we will be listing suppliers immediately as supplies are in stock.

Group Purchase for Face Shields

We understand that face shield vendors have a minimum purchase requirements of 25. Most pharmacies have a small numbers of staff members and do not require a large number of masks.

The BC Pharmacy Association is organizing a bulk-order and will distribute it to pharmacies who are interested in ordering. Face shields must be purchased in sets of 5 units and will work out to around $24 per shield after shipping and handling.

If your pharmacy is purchasing more than 25 masks, it is preferred that you purchase directly from the vendor.

Surgical or Respirator Masks

Last updated April 17, 2020

We are monitoring inventory with six suppliers.  Two suppliers have indicated they will have supplies by end of April.  Once supplies are available again, we will list these suppliers.  

We have heard from members who have had issues with quality of supply and suspected scammers. 

Please refer to the CDC web page on Counterfeit Respirators and the Health Canada page for more details.

Face Shields

Second Barrier - Sleek Signs, Regina

Item: Face Shields
Cost: $18.90/shield 25 units, down to $13.92 for 20,000 units
Delivery: Orders are shipped next day by FedEx Canada wide. 
We have an online ordering system at

Minimum Qty: 25 face shields
BCPhA is organizing a group buy for smaller pharmacies looking for only 5 or 10 shields, see below for details.

For direct orders of 25 or more, please contact Tina Hasfjord
(306) 731-2924