Online Booking Platform

Trusted by hundreds of pharmacists across Canada

Our online booking platform has supported up to 400 pharmacies and over 1,000 pharmacists across Canada. 

What members are saying about this tool:

We have been live for 3 days and the response has been fantastic. Very easy to use. It has made operations 100% more manageable." - Curtis

"I'm a 'one man operation" with no assistants/techs. It has simplified my life significantly. Patients can navigate the bookings with ease. The vaccine screening questionnaires are helpful as patients don't need to spend time filling it out at the counter" - Victor

"I would definitely recommend the booking tool to other pharmacy managers. It has made our most difficult flu shot season that much easier, and allows our patients to manage their appointments from the safety of their homes." - Vanessa

"...not every patient will use the tool online. But the majority will book themselves and their family online. It has simplified our lives that much more. If another independent pharmacy wants a crash course on this booking tool, let me know and you'll learn how it all works in 5-minutes. Three words: Use this tool. Worth every toonie." - Eugene

"It has been fantastic. It was very simple to set up and use. It has aided both our staff and customers in the booking process. It has saved our staff a great deal of time. If it could answer the phone it would be magic." - Alan


Streamlined for Vaccination Programs

  • Inventory control to limit the appointment bookings real-time to avoid overbooking
  • Online consent/screening forms for flu or COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Save time with the new bulk print functionality so you can print all your daily forms at the click of a button.
  • Screen for COVID-19 symptoms a day before the appointment
  • Automated email and SMS reminders to patients 
  • Advance waitlist features
  • Eligibility criteria settings to control bookings:
    • Age range or year of birth
    • No other vaccinations within 14 days of appointment
    • Specific employment sectors 
    • Specific health conditions
    • And really anything you would like!

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Monthly commitment and ready to go immediately. *Please allow 1 - 3 business days to receive your setup and access confirmation email

Putting Your Pharmacy in the Forefront

Starting in late September, we will be rolling out a centralized search functionality where patient can search by city and date and find all pharmacies on the BCPhA Online Booking Platform that have available bookings. The hardest thing is to increase your visibility so patients know you have an appointments available.  This new feature will definitely increase your visibility and ultimately mean far more bookings.  Your pharmacy will truly be in the forefront!  

Check the demo video for pharmacists or book an appointment as a patient

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Try booking an appointment as a patient


You cannot eliminate all calls and questions in the pharmacy, but if you can reduce it by 50-70%, would you?


Family bookings

One family member looking to make appointments for their family?  Yes, this is available.  Create one user account and make bookings for multiple family members.  Then complete any pre-screening or vaccine screening/consent forms online as a parent, guardian, or legal representative too.

Built in Vancouver, for pharmacists, partnered with the Association

We surveyed our members and many understand the importance to be prepared for the flu season and the need for a tool to drive efficiency and improve workflow. 

Your Own Customizations

Customize your booking page:

  • Add your logo at the top banner
  • Include your address, web link, contact number and email address at the bottom of the page
  • Customize your service names, length of service, and description
  • Add a Call now button for smartphones for a one-touch call for smartphones if you have additional services that require a call

Accessing the Application

There is no software to download, everything is accessed through a web browser.  It’s that easy.

There are some basic requirements:

  1. You will need to use Chrome or Safari as an administrator. Patients can book from all browsers.
  2. Patients can book from a computer, tablet or smartphone.  Pharmacies should use a computer or tablet. Pharmacies can have more than one session at a time, but we recommend that if two people are logged in at the same time only one should be making edits.
  3. You need internet access to access this application.  

Additional Corporate Member Benefit

The system is ready to go and basic setup is intuitive and streamlined and our Step-by-Step Setup Guide makes it even easier.  But, we know it's busy in your pharmacy and some additional support helps.  As an added benefit for Corporate members, book a 30-minute virtual one-on-one session with one of our BCPhA Member Services staff to get real-time training and become an expert even faster.  Group classes also available upon request.

Pricing Breakdown

Start bringing your service online today. Accept bookings online or in-person.


✓ Unlimited online bookings
✓ Log in from multiple devices
✓ Unlimited automated email reminders
✓ Customizable appointment cancellation email messaging
✓ Block same day or 24-hour bookings control
✓ Branding (logo and business info)

Digital and printer-friendly screening/consent forms
✓ COVID-19 symptom checker/pre-screening
✓ Flu Vaccination screening/consent form
✓ General Vaccination screening/consent form

✓ Printable daily schedule
✓ Cancellation list by service

✓ French web page available for patients
✓ Verified for web accessibility (WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessibility compliant)
✓ PIPEDA / PIPA compliant
✓ Servers in Canada


All Standard features PLUS:
✓ Automated SMS text message reminder *
✓ Inventory control – limit appointments based on inventory
✓ Waitlist control – automatically turn on the waitlist once inventory is out, or have a running waitlist for those who cannot find a time or would like to express their interest, automatically remove booked patient's from waitlist.

COVID-19 Module:
✓ Age eligibility screening system (age, year of birth, sector, etc.)
✓ Customizable screen question mode (e.g., screen by sector, health condition, etc.)
✓ COVID-19 two appointment booking feature
✓ Digital COVID-19 Vaccination screening/consent form

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All Premium features PLUS:
✓ Additional customizations
✓ SMS bundling
✓ Enterprise level customer support

* max 300 SMS per month. 

Need additional licenses?

If you are planning to provide concurrent appointments (two patients at a time or appointments that are in 5-minute intervals), you'll need an additional license.  Additional licenses are $15/month per license.

Need additional SMS text messaging blocks for your premium subscription?

Add another 300 SMS text messages per month for $10/month. There is a limit of 300 SMS text messages per month included with your premium subscription. SMS text reminders are automatically sent 24-hours before the appointment including a link to any required forms that need to be completed. You can also send SMS reminders on demand. Patients also receive an automated email immediately upon booking or cancelling 24-hours before the appointment, so you can also turn off the SMS feature to avoid overage fees.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at We would be happy to answer any questions you have.