2021 Student Video Competition

The BCPhA Annual Student Poster Competition is back for 2021, in the form of a student video competition. Organized by the BCPhA Student Ambassadors, UBC Pharmacy students have been invited to create and submit a video with a business pitch. Which group do you think has the best idea and business model?

There are six student groups competing in this year's student video competition. The groups are:

After watching all the videos submitted by the student groups, each BCPhA member can vote for one group with the best pitch and the best business model. Members can only vote once so choose wisely.

Please vote before June 15, 2021 to ensure your vote is counted. By voting, you will be entered to win one of the following prizes:

Cessation Sensations

Cessation Sensations hopes to create a solution to increase the absence rates among those who want to quit the use of tobacco products.

Group members: Parsa Shahbazi-Amin, Gurtinder Bisla, Ali Smaha-Muir, Amy Jradi, Maya Zelembaba, Noorden Haji and Neelam Hundal

The Mentalists

The Mentalists hope to address the ongoing mental health crisis in an approachable pharmacy setting.

Group members: Eric Jeong, Brian Lin, Ginny Chen, Dale Paul, Grant Guo and Celia Dossot


MomRx is a new and exciting clinical service focused on maternal health and individualized supplements.

Group members: Celine Jeon, Ayah Kapani, John Lee, Sonali Rishi, Tom Sun, Jenny Tan and Jennica Yang

Sweet Pees

In response to a high prevalence of diabetes, the Sweet Pees is proposing an integrated program of healthcare professionals to provide diabetes education, prevention and chronic management services.

Group members: John Antelo, Giordano Bua, Sylvia Chung, Dildeep Gill, Matthew Mah, Cecilia Qiu, Catherine Zang

Team Buzz Life-Years - GPS Pharmacy

Team Buzz Life-Years proposes a solution for older adults in White Rock who struggle with managing their health and hopes to alleviate the stress from them.

GPS Pharmacy

Group members: Randeep Dhillon, Jasmeen Dhaliwal, Jonah Khanna, Jasmin Jhaj, Arman Gill, Tejeshwar Dhadial and Manrubby Dhillon


Valiant Pharmacy Effort (VaPE) aims to fill the gaps in care when it comes to vaping cessation.

Group members: Lilyan Jia, Marcus Lo and Lucy Zhou

Which group would you invest in?

If you were a pharmacy investor, which group would you invest in? Which group has the best pitch?

Members can only vote once so be sure to choose wisely. Please vote before June 15, 2021 11:59 pm to ensure your vote is counted.

By voting, you will be entered to win one of the following prizes:

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