About BC Pharmacy Association

About the Association

The British Columbia Pharmacy Association (BCPhA) is an organization that supports and advances the professional and economic interests of community pharmacists and pharmacies in the province. The BCPhA’s membership includes more than 3,200 practicing pharmacists and more than 900 pharmacies that are in communities large and small across the province. Membership in the Association is voluntary. 

The primary goal of the Association is to support pharmacists and pharmacy owners in the day-to-day delivery of pharmacy services. The BCPhA is the primary advocate for the profession and the business of community pharmacy in B.C. with government and other payers. The Association takes a leadership role in supporting and expanding use of pharmacist expertise in the health-care system.

In its role as an advocate for the profession and business of community pharmacy, the BCPhA maintains robust working relationships with the College of Pharmacists of BC and UBC’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The BCPhA is a member of the Canadian Pharmacists Association and holds a seat on its Board.

The Association is an active contributor to health policy in the province. It regularly makes submissions to the provincial government and has an active MLA outreach program that connects community pharmacists with their elected officials.

As part of its support to members, the Association develops practice support training and resource materials.

The BCPhA is separate and distinct for the College of Pharmacists of BC, which is the organization that licenses and regulates pharmacist and pharmacies in the province. The BCPhA is a not-for-profit organization governed by the BC Societies Act.

Our Mission

To support and advance the professional role and economic viability of our members so that they may provide enhanced patient-centered care.

    Our Vision

    Recognition, respect, patient-care opportunities, and compensation contribute to a solid foundation for expanding the practice and profession of pharmacy.

    • Pharmacists are compensated for the full range of services they are able to provide at a level comparable to other primary health care professionals.
    • Pharmacy is recognized and treated as an integral part of the inter-disciplinary health care team and vital to the planning and provision of health care to the public.
    • Pharmacists are able to practice the profession of pharmacy at the highest levels and to its fullest extent.
    • The BCPhA will be the association of first choice for pharmacists and others involved in the profession of pharmacy in the province.
    • The BCPhA will be the professional and public voice of pharmacists in the province of B.C.