BCPhA Pharmacy Excellence Awards

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Nominations for the 2024 BC Pharmacy Excellence Awards are now closed.

The winners of the 2024 Awards will be announced in person in the evening of Friday, May 31, 2024. 

Award categories

Winners are selected in the following categories:

  • Excellence in Patient Care Award: This award is presented to a pharmacist who has demonstrated ongoing excellence in patient care in their professional practice.
  • Ben Gant Innovative Practice Award: This award is presented to a pharmacist who has demonstrated significant innovation in their respective practice and/or the profession.
  • Murray Dykeman Mentorship Award: This award recognizes a pharmacist who has demonstrated outstanding mentorship to those early in their pharmacy career.
  • Pharmacy Leadership Award: This award recognizes a pharmacist who has demonstrated commitment to leading the profession and its people forward and has made significant contributions to the profession of pharmacy. 
  • Collaborative Care Award: This award recognizes a pharmacist who has worked to create strong collaboration with other health-care providers. In doing so, they have promoted the value of pharmacists and have successfully advocated for the role of pharmacists in the primary health-care team.
  • New Practitioner Award: This award recognizes a pharmacist within their first five years of practice. The nominee has demonstrated impact and commitment to the pharmacy profession by advancing their practice.
  • Bowl of Hygeia Award: A pharmacist with an outstanding record of public and community service.
  • Friend of Pharmacy Award: A non-pharmacist who has worked with and promoted the value and role of pharmacists within the health-care team.

Congratulations to our 2023 Winners!

On Thursday, Dec. 7, 2023, the 2023 winners of the BC Pharmacy Association Pharmacy Excellence Awards were announced. This year's winners are:

Carson Mintram- New Practitioner Award

“It’s having those meaningful interactions with people,” Mintram says. “I've long been a believer in getting to know people. They see your face, and they're familiar with you. The ability to come in and recognize people and be recognized and be a trusted resource for them is something I don't take for granted.  I'm very grateful for the opportunity.” emphasises Carson.

Kyle Denley – Excellence in Patient Care Award

Pharmacist Kyle Denley never expected to be providing pharmacy services under overpasses, in the woods or in a jerry-rigged cabin. “It’s not what I learned in school, but it’s definitely an important part of my daily experience,” Denley says.

Javed Jokhoo- Pharmacy Leadership Award

Born and raised in Mauritius, an island country off the coast of Madagascar, and educated at Rhodes University, a pharmacy school in South Africa, Jokhoo is the first in his family to arrive to Canada. He understands what it’s like to feel like an outsider to the common culture. Something that helps him connect with Indigenous patients. 

Fatemeh Soleiman Panah – Collaborative Care Award

“There’s a huge gap in the knowledge of doctors and the training they’ve received in compounding. I saw an opportunity to be a different pharmacist who would collaborate with them and be a source they can rely on for evidence-based recommendations,” Soleiman-Panah says.

Joshua Kim- Innovative Practice Award

“In order for community pharmacists to do this we need to increase our scope and reach different services and programs to be able to understand the holistic picture of the patient’s health. I believe that’s possible when we get more involved in the disease management approach" emphasises Josh.

Joravar Hera- Bowl of Hygeia 

Harjeet Mander says his mother, Surjit and father, Joginder, often feel there are barriers for them to go to a pharmacy in person. From needing to speak to their pharmacist in Punjabi to having someone who understands their culture, they feel they have that with Hera.

Examples from Past Submissions

* Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

I met Jody in October 2018 prior to embarking on a trip to Papau New Guinea. As you are aware, travellers should take health precautions before travelling to this country, but I wasn't too worried about it at the time. Until I met Jody! This was my first experience meeting a pharmacist who specializes in travel medicine. Jody was so prepared it blew me away. She explained the types of threats I could run into and provided multiple options for preventative care, in addition to clear instructions for what I should be aware of prior, during and after my trip. She even checked up with me a few weeks after I got back! I have absolute faith I am in good hands. - Ronald, a patient

I am one who seeks as much information as possible when it comes to pharmaceutical products. Blake is well-informed and up-to-date on all the newest pharmaceuticals. Additionally, he also demonstrates compassion. Eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to take a multitude of medications and had to endure years of side effects from chemotherapy. Blake always made himself available to support me in my personal choices. I would, and have, recommended Blake to family, friends and colleagues because of his expertise, knowledge, compassion and commitment to personal patient care. - Jaden, a physician and patient

Many of Mary's patients are living with chronic and complex conditions, including HIV/AIDS, substance use and mental health disorders, in addition to social challenges and marginalization, and require a truly interdisciplinary approach to optimize their health and wellness. Mary exemplifies the principles of culturally-safe, equity-informed, patient-centred care, and does not hesitate to act as an advocate for her patients when they experience challenges or barriers to accessing services, while maintaining positive relationships with all partners in their care. - Eric, a physician and colleague