Staff Team

Geraldine Vince
Geraldine Vance
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (604) 269-2860
Linda Gutenberg
Linda Gutenberg, B.Sc.(Pharm.), RPEBC, RPh
Deputy CEO & Director, Pharmacy Practice Support
Phone: (604) 269-2862
Angie Gaddy
Angie Gaddy
Director, Communications
Phone: (604) 269-2863
Vince Lee
Vince Lee
Director, Member Services
Phone: (604) 269-2867
Gary Mui
Gary Mui, CPA, CA
Phone: (604) 269-2869
Bryce Wong
Bryce Wong, BSc(Pharm), RPh
Director, Special Projects
Phone: (604) 269-2868
Ann Johnston
Ann Johnston, MPharm, RPh
Manager, Pharmacy Practice Support
Phone: (604) 269-2865
Devyani Basoodetsing
Devyani Basoodetsing
Executive Assistant to the CEO & Board
Phone: (604) 269-2884
Nelson Chen
Nelson Chen, RPhT
Coordinator, Pharmacy Practice Support
Phone: (604) 269-2880
Ray Chow
Ray Chow
Database Administrator
Phone: (604) 269-2882
Jerry Mejia
Jerry Mejia, BSc(Pharm), RPh
Specialist, Pharmacy Practice Support
Phone: (604) 269-2861
Andy Shen
Andy Shen
Communications Officer
Phone: (604) 269-2883
Linda Tinnion
Linda Tinnion
Coordinator, Member Services
Phone: (604) 269-2864