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Earning your annual 15 hours of continuing education credits has never been easier or more cost-effective. Online courses are self-directed and you can complete at times that are convenient for you.

Our eTraining programs are designed to provide you with further knowledge and confidence to continue to improve your level of patient care, while meeting your annual CE requirements. As a BCPhA member, enjoy more than 80 courses with more being added throughout the year.

Non-members can access all the courses in our publicly accessible course cataloguePremium courses are available for purchase and discounted for members.


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Publicly accessible courses

  • Biosimilars Course
  • Biologics and Biosimilars Course
  • Modernized Reference Drug Program
  • New PharmaCare Plan W program for First Nations Health Authority patients
  • Opioids in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain
  • Maintenance Medication Policy
  • Influenza and High Dose Trivalent
  • Proton Pump Inhibitors
  • Intranasal Administration
  • Non-Insulin Glucose Lowering Medications for Type 2 Diabetes
  • COPD Update: Focus On Inhaled Medications
  • Transforming Health Benefits for First Nations in B.C.


Complimentary member courses

Our eTraining portal has over 80 courses included with general membership and is guaranteed to help you complete your PDAP requirements all in one place. Some of the most popular courses that pharmacists across the province are taking include:

  • COVID-19 and the Opioid Crisis
  • COVID-19 Safety Plans - Roles and Responsibilities
  • 2020-2021 Influenza Update: What community pharmacists
  • Immunization In The “New Normal”. 
  • Professional Services: Adapting Prescriptions
  • Pacific Blue Cross Pharmacy Provider Agreement FAQ 
  • Understanding asymptomatic bacteriuria & UTI
  • The role of pharmacists in responding to B.C.’s provincial overdose crisis
  • An Update on Two Tracks In Pharmacogenomics: Research & myDNA Consumer Offering
  • Medical Beneficiary and Pharmaceutical Services Division
  • Update on PharmaCare
  • Pharmacy's Hottest Topics: 2017
  • Set the standard: Gardasil 9
  • Social media and the workplace
  • Common primary care questions about IUDs
  • Immunosenescence, Inflammaging, and Influenza
  • Two monologues don’t make a dialogue: A taste of optimal communication
  • Keep on motoring: Looking under the hood of Parkinson's drug therapy
  • Smoking Cessation: Practical Implementation
  • The Pharmacist's Role in Self-Care 
  • Pharmacists in COPD Management
  • Women’s Health Update
  • Keeping Seniors Healthy Through Vaccination
  • Update on Ministry of Health Priorities 2016
  • Private Payers: 2015 in Review - the Good, the Bad and the Very Expensive
  • Issues and Topics in Pharmacy Practice and Regulation
  • Genomics for Precision Drug Therapy in the Community Pharmacy - Phase 1 results
  • Medication Management for Patients on Psychiatric Medications 
  • Expanded Access to Publicly Funded Vaccines
  • Resume Guide for Pharmacists
  • The future of pharmacy: Student presentations
  • I NEVER AGREED TO THAT! A Health Care Consent or Privacy Consent? What You Need and When You Need It
  • Joint Action on Joints 
  • Frequency of Dispensing
  • There is a Patient Behind Every Prescription
  • Practical Considerations for Cannabis Dosing and Administration
  • An update from the Minister of Health 2019
  • An update from the College of Pharmacists of BC 2019
  • Biosimilars: An advanced therapy that benefits patients, the healthcare system and society
  • Opioid use disorder: Choosing between OAT pharmacotherapy

Premium courses

Business Basics: Unpack the Facets of Pharmacy Ownership

Business Basics: Unpack the Facets of Independent Pharmacy Ownership in Canada, presented by Rxownership and Desson Consulting. Learn about the key elements of a business plan; the difference between an acquisition, buyout or starting a new pharmacy; valuations and financial planning; pharmacy design; and an overview of legal considerations.

Publicly Funded Vaccinations in B.C.

This course is not accredited.

Learn everything you need to know about B.C.’s publicly funded vaccines and how you can help to increase public vaccination as a pharmacist, by completing this on-line e-training program.

There is a significant increase in recognition in having community pharmacists as a logical immunization provider. With over 580,000 influenza vaccinations provided by community pharmacists in 2016/17 influenza season, a substantial increase from 39,000 in 2009, community pharmacists have a prominent role in the provision of publicly funded vaccines. As a community immunization provider, pharmacists have the opportunity to practise to their full scope.

Travel Medicine Program

34.0 CEUs (CCCEP accredited)

The goal of this course is to prepare you to write the ISTM certification exam, and it will equip you to conduct pre-travel risk assessments, provide travel advice around prevention, immunization, chemoprophylaxis, and self-treatment, as well as recognize post-travel infections and refer to specialists or emergency care when necessary.