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In addition to the global #1 ranking in biosimilars and generic antibiotics, dermatology and transplantation medicines, Sandoz portfolio of products in Canada includes four biosimilars and over 700 generic products covering 280 molecules and medicinal ingredients spanning multiple therapeutic areas.

Our broad portfolio encompasses a range of formulations and devices, including injectables, multiple-unit tablets, capsules, creams and gels, transdermal patches, and lyophilized products.

Our medicines are sold in pharmacies and used in hospitals. In 2019, Sandoz was the main provider of generic injectable medications to Canadian hospitals.

We are proud to play an essential role in the Canadian health care system. In 2019, Sandoz products were prescribed over 65 million times in Canada.

A trusted partner of healthcare professionals, Sandoz Canada has a network of suppliers that stand out for their reliability and high-quality standards. Our dedicated sales force is distinguished by the strong business relationships it has with customers and the excellent service it provides.


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