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Iron Deficiency Anemia: A Health Systems Failure

November 24, 2021 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Zoom – Digital Distribution, Vancouver BC

Iron is a central building block of hemoglobin in blood, which carries oxygen for vital organ function.  Unfortunately, iron deficiency anemia is common worldwide, even in high resource countries such as Canada. Canadian prevalence data is unclear, but data suggests IDA is as high as 1 in 20 women with low iron stores and as many as 1 in 6 women have iron deficiency. This can lead to unnecessary blood transfusions which confer risks to patients, including not only transfusion reactions, but also that randomized controlled trial data is conclusive in supporting restrictive transfusion strategies lead to similar or better outcomes for patients.
To limit transfusions, patient blood management programs have been developed worldwide, where one of the central pillars is to treat reversible causes of anemia.  Thus, the prompt diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency is important to improving outcomes.  However, the siloed nature of the blood, hospital, and pharmaceutical systems in Canada often lead to unintentional barriers to the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.

Learning Objectives

After participating in this webinar, participants will be better able to:

  1. To highlight how common iron deficiency anemia is and how tenuous iron stores are even in developed countries
  2. To understand the benefit of patient blood management strategies to minimize transfusion and its adverse outcomes
  3. To explore current strategies of treating iron deficiency anemia and systems limitations that prevent treatment in Canada

About the Speaker: Dr. Andrew Shih

Medical Director, Lion’s Gate Hospital, Transfusion Medicine
Medical Director (Vancouver Acute) and Regional Medical Leader
Transfusion Medicine, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Staff Hematopathologist, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

Dr. Andrew Shih completed his Hematology residency, Transfusion Medicine fellowship, and and his thesis-based masters in the Health Research Methodology program at McMaster through the Ministry of Health Clinical Investigator Program.  Currently, he works as the Transfusion Medicine Director at Vancouver Acute and as the Regional Medical Leader at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. 

Dr. Shih's research interests include promotion and education regarding the safety and appropriate utilization of blood products and cell therapeutics, including the management of acutely bleeding patients and use of technology to advance blood transfusion as a personalized medical therapeutic intervention. 

Learning Hours

This program is non-accredited. Total learning hours is estimated at 1.0 hours.

Participants will receive a letter of participation after completion of the survey at the end of the webinar.

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