Face of Pharmacy

I am the #Face Of Pharmacy

Beginning this spring, the BC Pharmacy Association will mark its 50th Anniversary with a celebration of its community pharmacists through a commemorative campaign called 50 Years: Faces of Pharmacy. Incorporated on May 26, 1968, the Association will honour this special occasion with an anniversary theme focused on the faces and stories of community pharmacists and how their dedication to the industry has helped to change and guide community pharmacy practice today.

Put your best face forward

To capture the many faces of pharmacy, the BCPhA is launching the Faces of Pharmacy Selfie Campaign on May 24, 2018, at the BCPhA Annual Conference. Submit in your best selfie by downloading a customized “I am the #FaceOfPharmacy” frame from Facebook and/or Twitter to your profile picture, share on BCPhA’s social media accounts and join in the celebration.

5 / $50

5 gift cards worth $50 each will be given to the 5 best selfies (see Contest Rules for details) so put your best face forward and be the Face of Pharmacy!

How to Participate

On Facebook

Step 1: Go to https://www.facebook.com/profilepicframes

Step 2: Search tagline: ‘BCPhA Face of Pharmacy White Frame’ or ‘BCPhA Face of Pharmacy Blue Frame’

Step 3: Insert the frame of your choice

Step 4: Save your new profile picture

Step 5: Click Share on a Page and choose BCPhA’s Facebook Account @BCPharmacy.ca

On Twitter

Step 1: Go to http://twibbon.com/support/face-of-pharmacy/twitter

Step 2: Search tagline: BCPhA Face of Pharmacy

Step 3: Select frame (white or blue)

Step 4: Save your new profile picture

Step 5: Click Share and Tag BCPhA’s Twitter Account @bc_pharmacy

On Instagram

Step 1: Create new profile frame from Facebook and/or Twitter

Step 2: Go to Instagram and tag BCPhA's Instagram Account @bc_pharmacy

Contest Rules

Faces of Pharmacy Selfie Campaign will run from May 24 to June 22, 2018. Applicants must use the custom frames as provided on BC Pharmacy Association’s social media accounts Facebook and Twitter. All entries submitted may be used on BCPhA’s communications channels including The Tablet, website and social media accounts. Winning entries will be contacted by BCPhA. All decisions are final.

Show your support of community pharmacists across British Columbia and be one of the Faces of Pharmacy!

Got a question?

Contact at BCPhA:

Angie Gaddy
Director, Communications
(604) 269-2863