Excess Coverage Premiums

The basic coverage that is included in your membership is $2 million per occurrence and $4 million Annual Aggregate, which meets the requirements to register with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. You may increase your coverage for an additional fee. This is a fixed fee and cannot be pro-rated or refunded.

Please see below for the excess coverage rates available to pharmacists with membership that includes professional liability insurance (PLI):

Per Occurrence Annual Aggregate Premiums Due
$2 million $4 million included with PLI
$3 million $5 million membership + $43
$4 million $5 million membership + $78
$5 million $5 million membership + $113

If you currently have membership with insurance with the BC Pharmacy Association, please contact info@bcpharmacy.ca to make changes to your excess coverage premiums.

Rates current as of July 20, 2022