BCPhA Makes Submission On Cannabis Regulation

Updated on January 22, 2018 (Originally posted on October 23, 2017) Media Releases

The BC Pharmacy Association was invited to make a submission to B.C.’s Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General as part of the province's engagement process on the impending legalization of cannabis in July 2018.

While the government of B.C. is currently looking at feedback on the regulation and sales of recreational marijuana, the Association felt it was important for the government to address two important issues:

  1. Limiting illegal retailers of cannabis calling their operations “dispensaries”, and
  2. Moving forward to address the issue of safe dispensing of medical cannabis in tandem with implementing the sale of recreational cannabis.

Given the unique situation of the province in which illegal pot retailers have set up shop under the false pretense of selling their products for medicinal purposes, the pharmacists of B.C. believe the province must take action on both of these fronts to protect the safety of British Columbians.