Change in school based HPV vaccine (Gardasil) program

October 14, 2014 Industry Notice

On October 20, 2014, British Columbia will be moving from a three-dose to a two-dose HPV vaccine schedule for healthy girls under age 15 when commencing a series. Currently, the schedule for girls in BC consists of two doses in grade 6 followed by a third dose in grade 9.Recently, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization reviewed data for two-dose schedules and concluded that a third dose is not required for protection in younger girls. Hence, the dose in grade 9 can be discontinued. A three-dose series is still recommended for those starting a series at age 15 and over. Pharmacists immunizing girls nine to 14 years of age who were not immunized in the school‐based program, but who still qualify for the publicly funded vaccine, should also receive a two-dose GARDASIL® schedule.Please note: The recommended schedule for the publicly funded Cervarix program remains unchanged (0, 1 and 6 months).