Media Briefing: Nov. 6, 2023

November 6, 2023

No shortage of vaccine appointments- Ministry of Health

Nov. 3— MyNechako Valley Now

According to the province, there is no shortage of any vaccines, as well as appointments but if people are experiencing any delay, they should be able to find one close by. READ MORE

B.C. nurses will soon be able to prescribe opioid use disorder medication

Nov. 1—CBC British Columbia

Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses in British Columbia will soon be able to prescribe medication for opioid use disorder (OUD) in a move the province hopes will allow more people with addiction to seek help .READ MORE

B.C. businesses say shoplifting has become rampant

Oct. 30— The Globe and Mail

Some of B.C.'s retail giants have formed a new coalition to press all levels of government to do more to stop the rampant shoplifting they say is a threat to their bottom lines and their employees’ safety. *subscription to Globe & Mail required* READ MORE

We are so close to a national Pharmacare program

Oct. 26— Toronto Star

Canada is the only high-income country with universal health care that does not include outpatient medication coverage — we’ve never been closer to changing this. READ MORE

Pharmacists prescribe another round of US protests to highlight working conditions

Oct. 30— CityNews

680 Toronto Drugstore workers around the country started calling in sick Monday to highlight a lack of support from their employers, protest organizers said. READ MORE

Canadian seniors are eligible for four key vaccines this fall, but not all are free

Nov. 2— CTV National News

There are now four main vaccines available to seniors in Canada this fall, each targeting a troubling virus or bacteria that in the past has led to increased hospitalizations and death among the vulnerable population. READ MORE

Canada expands drug strategy to prevent more overdoses, provide additional services

Oct. 30 — The Globe and Mail

Canadian Press health coverage receives support through a partnership with the Canadian Medical Association. The government has announced that $21-million from the federal budget will be used to fund 54 harm reduction projects across the country. READ MORE

A 'pharmacy care clinic' has opened in Edmonton. What is it?

Nov. 4— CTV News

Edmonton's newest pharmacy will double as a "care clinic" that will provide assessment and treatments for minor and common ailments. Pharmacists at the "pharmacy care clinic," will be able to assess and treat conditions such as pink eye, cold sores, strep throat, and urinary tract infections. READ MORE