Polls Open until Nov. 1, 2021 for BCPhA Board of Directors Election

October 12, 2021

This year, all eligible members of the BC Pharmacy Association have received your 2021 Board of Directors Election voting information at 9 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 8, 2021. Voting is now open until Nov. 1, 2021 at 3 p.m. Pacific Time.

If you are looking for your voting package, please check your email inbox for an email from vote@simplyvoting.com with the subject line "BC Pharmacy Association Board of Directors 2021 Election".

Inside, you will find instructions to access the voting link, along with your voter ID and password. 

This year, there are a total of 11 candidates vying for three seats on the BCPhA Board of Directors. You may choose to vote for up to three candidates. Each successful candidate will be elected for a three-year term.

This year's candidates (click here for bios):

  • Brady, Josh
  • Gray, Michelle
  • Gutenberg, Linda
  • Huitema, Mike
  • Lee, Sammy
  • Mehmood, Kashif
  • Omelchuk, Curtis (John)
  • Power, Kylee
  • Rizzardo, Bryan
  • Saad, Omar
  • Sangha, Bob

We understand some email services have sensitive filters for junk and spam. If you cannot locate an email from SimplyVoting today, please ensure you check ALL your email inboxes for your electronic ballot, including your spam and junk folders.

Your contact at the BCPhA:

Gary Mui