Position Statement on Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

April 3, 2021 Media Releases

The BC Pharmacy Association on behalf of all pharmacists across British Columbia thanks the Province for its support in ensuring community pharmacy is involved in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

There have been media reports suggesting that some pharmacies have given preferential access to the vaccine to their customers. While the BCPhA is unable to verify such claims, it reiterates to all pharmacies involved in the COVID-19 immunization campaign, that all members of the public who meet Public Health’s eligibility criteria should be provided equitable access to the vaccine. We know that pharmacies are working hard to respond to the huge demand for the vaccine and thank each pharmacist for the role they are playing in this life-protecting effort.

The COVID-19 immunization program is a publicly funded response to the pandemic and, as such, all organizations involved in the vaccine program must meet the fundamental position of the Government of British Columbia, which is to ensure all residents have fair and equal access to the vaccines.

This is a public campaign to respond to a public health care crisis. B.C. pharmacists have quickly stepped up to be part of this campaign and are helping save countless lives of British Columbians.

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BC Pharmacy Association
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