Regulations to enable pharmacist prescribing posted

Updated on April 12, 2023 (Originally posted on March 16, 2023)

A first step to prescribing for minor ailments and contraceptives

This afternoon, March 16, 2023, regulations that will allow for pharmacists to prescribe for minor ailments and contraceptives were posted on the Government of British Columbia’s web site.

As you may be aware, changes are to be made to B.C.’s Health Professions Act under the Pharmacists Regulation section. These proposed amendments are the first -- but an essential step to allow pharmacists to prescribe for minor ailments and contraceptives coming later this spring. Following the adoption of these amendments, the College of Pharmacists of BC will then work on changes to the Standards, Limits and Conditions.

Included in these proposed amendments are the types of minor ailments B.C.’s pharmacists will be able to prescribe for as well as the schedule of drug types, if adopted:

Disease, Disorder or Condition Drug Category
Acne Topical drugs
Allergic rhinitis
  • Intranasal drugs, including antihistamine drugs
  • Ophthalmic drugs, including antihistamine drugs
  • Oral antihistamine drugs


(allergic, bacterial or viral)

Ophthalmic drugs


(allergic, atopic, contact, diaper or seborrheic)

Topical drugs
Dysmenorrhea Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Dyspepsia Gastric acid reducing drugs

Fungal infections

(Onychomycosis, Tinea corporis infection, Tinea cruris infection or Tinea pedis infection)

Topical drugs
Gastroesophageal reflux disease Gastric acid reducing drugs
Headache Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Hemorrhoids Topical drugs

Herpes labialis

  • Topical drugs, including antiviral drugs
  • Other types of antiviral drugs
Impetigo Topical drugs
Oral Ulcers (canker sores, aphthous ulcers) Topical drugs
Oropharyngeal candidiasis Antifungal drugs
Musculoskeletal pain Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Shingles Antiviral drugs
Nicotine dependence Nicotine cessation drugs
Threadworms or pinworms Anthelmintic drugs
Uncomplicated urinary tract infection Antibiotic drugs
Urticaria, including insect bites
  • Topical drugs, including antihistamine drugs
  • Other types of antihistamine drugs
Vaginal candidiasis Antifungal drugs

The BC Pharmacy Association welcomes these proposed amendments and looks forward to continuing to work with the Ministry of Health and College of Pharmacists of B.C. to support pharmacists in these exciting scope changes.