The Tablet Asks: Which minor ailment will patients demand most?

Updated on May 18, 2023 (Originally posted on May 15, 2023) The Tablet

The Tablet asks our contributors:

Now that you know which minor ailments B.C. is considering for pharmacist prescribing, what ailments do you think patients will demand most and why?

George Cloete

George Cloete is Associate Owner of Shoppers Drug Mart #273 and has previously worked in Alberta as a prescribing pharmacist. 

"I think uncomplicated urinary tract infections will probably be one of the top ones, that ailment is among the ones I get asked the most about by patients. From my experience in Alberta, cold sore assessments were very common as well.”



Ahmad Ghahary

Ahmad Ghahary is the owner pharmacist of Community Apothecary.

“I think patients will demand pharmacist prescribing for analgesic and gastro-intestinal medications, as they are already accustomed to going to the pharmacy for these types of medications. With a larger tool kit, pharmacists will be able to better meet the need in treating indications such as headache, gastroesophageal reflux disease and musculoskeletal pain.  In time, more patients will access pharmacist prescribing for infectious diseases as they are typically more urgent and with pharmacists being accessible at all hours, we can meet the need in a timely manner and make a positive impact on patient outcomes.”

Jeff Ho

Jeff Ho is pharmacy manager of Rexall #7126 on Vancouver Island.

“This will be a new era for B.C. pharmacists that we can prescribe for minor ailments. I think the ailments that will have most demand are urinary tract infection and conjunctivitis. Most patients that have these ailments would like to have treatment as soon as possible due to the discomfort that are associated with the ailments. Instead of waiting for an appointment with a physician, patients can utilize the expertise of pharmacists and receive treatment promptly.”

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