Third Party Flu Distribution Pilot Stock Nearly Depleted

November 5, 2013 Industry Notice

Publicly funded flu vaccine demand has been higher than pilot participants forecasted and stock of publicly funded Agriflu available through McKesson will be depleted soon. This is earlier than anticipated despite a 10% increase in doses allocated to the pilot.

Once McKesson's stock is completely depleted, pilot participants should place orders through their local health unit if additional publicly funded flu vaccine is required. Procedures and forms to order vaccine and report on usage can be found here.

Please note:

  • Vaccine orders placed through the local health unit must be picked up at the local health unit. The health unit will notify the pharmacy when vaccine is ready for pick up.
  • Pharmacies are expected to share reports on vaccine usage with their local health unit as described on the VIHA website.
  • Local health units are distributing both Agriflu and Fluviral.
  • Pharmacies may receive Fluviral and/or Agriflu to fulfill their order requirements depending on vaccine availability (product substitution may occur).
  • Pharmacies are reminded that syringes, in addition to safety needles, are required to administer Fluviral since it is supplied as a multi-dose vial (This vaccine can be used for 28 days after vial is punctured).