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PRIME registration deadline reminder for community pharmacy

1339 community pharmacies have submitted a PharmaNet site registration to the Ministry of Heath (the Ministry). The Ministry would like to thank community pharmacies for…

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(Left to right, standing): Gary Mui, Bryce Wong, Emily Story, Andy Shen, Chenoa Flack, Vince Lee, Kam Aujla, Inna Omelyukh, Chelsea Netzlaw. (Left to right, sitting): Yvonne Brown, Ann Johnston, Rachel Albert, Stephanie Anuta,…

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Charissa Tonnesen (left) and the pharmacy staff team at Tumbler Ridge Pharmacy.

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Written by Ajit Johal, featuring Linda Gutenberg 

Pharmacist and BCPhA board member Linda Gutenberg supported the Heart Pharmacy group in administering over 12,000 influenza vaccinations during the 2022-2023…