In pharmacy posters

The following PDF posters are available for download and printing by pharmacies:

11 x 17 inch or bigger Poster (fillable) 8.5 x 11 inch Poster (fillable) 11 x 17 inch or bigger Poster (teen acne) 8.5 x 11…
Media Releases

(Vancouver) May 31, 2023 —  Starting tomorrow, June 1, community pharmacists across British Columbia will be able to prescribe for contraception and many minor ailments, like indigestion, cold sores, mild acne, and uncomplicated urinary tract…

Interviews with Ontario pharmacists

In January 2023, Ontario pharmacists began prescribing for minor ailments. The following videos are available for pharmacists in B.C. as they prepare for prescribing for minor ailments and…

The Tablet

It’s about time! B.C. pharmacists are finally getting the ability to prescribe for minor ailments and contraception this year.

Like all pharmacists, my thoughts immediately turned to the pragmatics of this new scope and how it would be…

The Tablet
The Tablet asks our contributors:

Now that you know which minor ailments B.C. is considering for pharmacist prescribing, what ailments do you think patients will demand most and why?