Process for ordering and dispensing compounded methadone 10mg/mL for the treatment of opioid use disorder

Starting Oct. 1, 2019, Compounded Methadone will be available by exceptional special authority for specific patients who have failed on all commercially available products.  PharmaCare and the College of Pharmacists of BC have put together a program for Pharmacists to access compounded Methadone 10mg/mL.

All compounded methadone must be ordered from the Product Distribution Centre Pharmacy (PDC). There is no provision for individual community pharmacies to compound the methadone for this program.

The PDC can be reached by phone at (604) 927-2620 or fax (604) 941-0532.

Please follow these steps to order compounded methadone

1) Once a prescription for compounded methadone has been received, the dispensing pharmacist should complete and fax the “Compounded Methadone 10mg/mL Request Form” and a copy of the current prescription to the PDC. There must be a separate request form completed for each patient’s prescription.

2) Upon receipt of the request form and a copy of the prescription, the PDC will prepare the compound and deliver it to the dispensing pharmacy. Allow a minimum of 48 hours for compounding and delivery of the compounded methadone.

3) In usual circumstances a week’s supply of the compounded methadone will be provided with each delivery. There will be no charge to the dispensing pharmacy for the compounded methadone or nor a delivery fee.

4) The compounded methadone will be delivered to the dispensing pharmacy in tamper-proof boxes and a receipt of the compound will be signed by the pharmacist at the time of delivery. A confirmation fax will be required from the dispensing pharmacy to the PDC. The form to be faxed back confirming receipt of the compound will be included in the delivery box. 

5) The compounding pharmacy will deliver the bulk quantity for the seven-days supply and the dispensing pharmacy will measure out and dispense the doses as per the prescription. 

6) The dispensing pharmacy will process the prescription through PharmaNet as per usual methadone dispensing procedures, but the drug cost field will be $0.01 to prompt payment of the dispensing and witness fee, if appropriate.

PINs to use for compounded methadone prescriptions

  1. 67000013: Compounded methadone 10mg/mL (witnessed ingestion)
  2. 67000014: Compounded methadone 10mg/mL (delivery with witnessed ingestion)
  3. 67000015: Compounded methadone 10mg/mL (delivery, no witnessed ingestion)
  4. 67000016: Compounded methadone 10mg/mL (no witnessed ingestion)

Additional Instructions

Compounded methadone 10mg/mL is a clear, flavourless solution. The dose is to be measured out and then diluted to 100mL in suitable liquid (e.g. Crystal Lite etc.) prior to dispensing to the patient. Carries will also require dilution.

If a client misses four or more days of methadone, it is the dispensing pharmacist’s responsibility to cancel the prescription and notify PDC to ensure they do not send any further refills.

BCCSU bulletin “OAT update – Compounded Methadone
Pharmacare OAT PINs and DINs

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Bryce Wong
Director of Pharmacy Practice Support
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