If you could offer a word of support or encouragement to pharmacists during this pandemic, what would you say?

Updated on July 16, 2021 (Originally posted on May 14, 2020) The Tablet

The Tablet asks our contributors.

Hafeez Dossa is Pharmacy Manager at CareRx Pharmacy in Nanaimo.

“Remember why you chose pharmacy as a profession, and how you wanted to make an impact on patient care. This is a time for us to all step up in a time where our expertise in medication management can truly allow our profession to advance and be regarded as a critical component of health care.”

Saleema Dhalla is Senior Director Strategic Engagements and Development with SafeCare BC.

“Thank you for the care that you provide, the sacrifices that you make, and the resilience that you show every day during this time.”

Derek Desrosiers is President at Desson Consulting Ltd. and Board member with the BC Pharmacy Association.

“Time and again over my career I have seen pharmacists adapt to many different situations, always with the best interests of their patients at heart. The COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges, for sure, but I have confidence in the resiliency and personal good nature of pharmacists to once again overcome obstacles and rise up to help patients manage their own pandemic related challenges. You are an integral member of the front-line health-care team and the trust patients have in you does not go unnoticed. When the pandemic is over, people will realize the true worth and value you have provided and the personal sacrifices you made to be there for the public when they needed you most.”

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