Student Feature Spotlight: 2023

Updated on August 11, 2023 (Originally posted on August 4, 2023) The Tablet

Featured student leaders are selected by the Phi Lambda Sigma — Epsilon Nu Chapter at the University of B.C. and by the BC Pharmacy Association Student Ambassadors between the months of October and March.

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Cyrus Dinh, Mark Seo and Vanay Verma

mark cyrus vanay

Cyrus Dinh, Mark Seo and Vanay Verma are the founders of UBC pharmacy's first student health/fitness club. As health-care professionals, the trio believes they should set an example of being health-conscious and physical fitness is an aspect often overlooked. Cyrus, Mark and Vanay started the Pharmafit club to share their passion for fitness and promote the idea of setting an example with peers. The team hopes to continue to build the Pharmafit community and provide practical and actionable fitness information to those in the profession. 

PharmaFit's primary objective is to provide comprehensive guidance on health, fitness, and nutrition to pharmacy students. The importance of a healthy lifestyle in enhancing longevity cannot be overstated. However, the abundance of misinformation related to fitness and nutrition disseminated by certain individuals, influencers, and corporations for financial gain has entrenched itself in society. To tackle this issue, PharmaFit seeks to create a central hub where students can learn from our renowned scientific guest lecturers, participate in executive-led group workout sessions, and access social media content providing practical tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

PharmaFit was founded to provide proper information regarding health, fitness, and nutrition tailored to pharmacy students. A healthy lifestyle is an essential factor in longevity, however, misinformation regarding fitness and nutrition is widespread in our society. Thus, the goal of PharmaFit is to provide a community for interested students to learn from our guest lecturers and take part in group workout sessions with executive members who have extensive knowledge of weightlifting through years of training/competitions. PharmaFit also posts weekly content on our social media which informs students about convenient ways to stay healthy and active despite a demanding pharmacy schedule. 

Grace Song

Grace has always been passionate about advocating for students, destigmatizing mental health, and creating a safe learning environment. Through her previous positions as PhUS Associate VP and VP Academic, she strives to continuously make positive long-term changes within the Faculty and bring student-led initiatives that will enhance students’ learning. She truly values student wellbeing and intends to continue encouraging students and Faculty to incorporate changes and/or initiatives to emphasize the importance of emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. One of the most valuable lessons Grace has learned in pharmacy is that taking time for self-care is crucial to becoming better pharmacists. 

Grace Li

Grace is always passionate about bridging the health-care gap. As a member of the Health and Dental Plan Committee, she successfully implemented $250 coverage for the HPV vaccine, benefiting thousands of UBC students and reducing financial barriers to protection and support. Grace also served as co-chair of Pharmacy Awareness Month, organizing events to promote pharmacists to the public and health care professionals. Her advocacy for accessible health care and the pharmacy profession was featured in The Ubyssey. Grace strives to continue making a positive impact on the pharmacy profession and the larger community. 

Hajer Mahmood

Hajer’s willingness in cultivating inclusive environments where students feel supported is one of the many ways she demonstrates leadership. After joining Pharmily Mentorship Program in her first year as an Event Coordinator, Hajer now holds the position of Vice President. Hajer has contributed an immense amount of hard work, creative ideas, positivity, and leadership to the success of PMP. Specifically, she founded the recurring event "Rx for Procrastination", where students have the opportunity to study in the presence of each other to help motivate one another. Hajer is a charismatic leader who has made a profound impact within the program. 

Ingrid Frank

Ingrid stands as an unparalleled representation of a dynamic and visionary leader who embodies a growth mindset and a passion for innovation. With a natural ability to take initiative, establish strong relationships, and empower those around her, she radiates authenticity and humility. Ingrid is currently President of two student groups — Pharmily Mentorship Program, which she initiated in 2020, and Phi Lambda Sigma, the pharmacy student leadership society. Ingrid has been a shining example of leadership and community building, constantly striving to recognize and reward those who embody the core values of the pharmacy profession.

Ronak Sardari

Advocacy, leadership, and connection have always been Ronak’s greatest passions! As a student representative, Ronak organizes events to promote deeper connections among her peers and works to effectively reflect students’ inputs to the faculty for a transparent and supportive pharmacy school experience. Ronak has co-founded “UBC Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Technology Initiative”, where through events such as "Beyond the Counter Talks” and Industry Roundtable, she hopes to create opportunities for PharmDs to take on more innovative roles on a greater scale, and make UBC’s Pharmacy Program a hub for innovative pharmacy practice beyond the niche of community and clinical practice! 

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