What are you most looking forward to in pharmacy for 2023 and why?

January 31, 2023 The Tablet

We ask our Tablet contributors.

Maria Kwari has been a pharmacist since 2002 and owns seven pharmacies in the Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland regions.

“I think the big thing we’re most excited about is prescribing rights. We have the knowledge. and with the right training, it will be really great for us and our patients for pharmacists to be able to contribute to the health-care system and help our patients in a quicker manner.”

Sahil Ahuja is a pharmacist and community relationship manager at Two Nice Guys Pharmacy in Kelowna, and the winner of this year’s Collaborative Care Award. 

“I am most excited about having a new way to relieve some of the burden on the health care system!”

Jason Buerfeind is pharmacy manager at Armstrong Pharmacy and Wellness Centre and winner of this year’s Excellent in Patient Care Award.

“I am looking forward to be able to use our enhanced pharmacy services to benefit our community and our patients, and to play a bigger role in our patients’ lives.”

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