Pharmacy Claims Compliance Officer Training Program

Take the next step in protecting your business from audit recoveries. In a busy pharmacy it is easy for problematic processes to unintendedly take root that may lead to audit recoveries down the road. That’s why it is essential to have someone in your practice who is able to review your pharmacy processes and documentation and identify threats in order to bring down your audit risks, namely a compliance officer.

The BCPhA Pharmacy Claims Compliance Officer (PCCO) Training Program is a follow-up to our Regulatory Compliance Bootcamp; this program is designed to train a pharmacy technician or assistant to become your pharmacy’s compliance officer, particularly with regards to payer audits. While the Regulatory Bootcamp assisted pharmacists and owners in increasing their awareness of practice and business risks (including audits), the PCCO Training Program will focus on preparing your technician or assistant to conduct a thorough internal review of your documentation.

Specifically, this program will provide participants with:

  • An overview on the role of a PCCO
  • A clear understanding of the most significant rules and regulations that impact pharmacy claims
  • A logical and reliable approach to interpret and apply these rules and regulations
  • A systematic process to self-audit pharmacy claims to identify areas of weakness
  • A method to drafting reports for supervisors

Don’t ignore the significant risks of non-compliance when your business and license could be on the line. Take the steps to improve your compliance and protect your hard work.   

Please note: Although this workshop is open to pharmacists, it should be noted that it is geared towards pharmacy technicians and assistants.


Here are some comments from our first session:

Great lecture series and very interactive.  The large number of examples help illustrate the points.  Great work!  Thank you everyone!

Well done!  A very informative session.

I felt this presentation was very helpful.

Location and pricing

Date: TBD
Time: 9:00am to 3:30pm (light breakfast and lunch provided)
Location: TBD

This session is only available to BCPhA members and staff at a Corporate member pharmacy.