Getting ready for any emergency

October 16, 2017 The Tablet

Pharmacies are an integral part of BC’s health-care system – and being ready for anything means preparing for emergencies. In fact, Professional Practice Policy-25: Pharmacy Disaster Preparedness, says each pharmacy manager should approach regional emergency preparedness coordinators and be aware of and participate in local plans as well as develop individual disaster plans for their own pharmacies.

What should you do to get ready?

  • Know the risks. Visit to find out what hazards exist in your area and what you need to do to prepare.
  • Take a look around your pharmacy. If there was an emergency now, are you ready? Try to identify anything that could fall and hurt someone in an earthquake. Look at the floor and make sure no critical files are at floor level in case of flood. Make sure your off-site back-ups are working for your computer system.
  • Review your emergency plan. Is it up to date? Does everyone know where it is kept and what it says? 
  • Make sure everyone has the contact numbers they need. In an emergency, one key contact might not be reachable so make sure your team knows how to contact you, your banner and each other. 
  • Discuss your plan. If you are a corporate store, make sure you share an understanding of what you should do at the local level if an emergency occurs. Talk to your staff and make sure they know what to do, where to go and who to contact.
  • Contact your regional coordinator to discuss how your pharmacy can fit into their emergency planning. 

Chances are you won’t face an emergency situation, but being ready for anything is a great policy.

For more information on emergency planning for small business visit

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