Welcome to the all-new bcpharmacy.ca

October 16, 2017 The Tablet

In October, the BC Pharmacy Association is proud to introduce both our new website and eTraining portal.

While our old site was effective when it was launched back in 2011, it was time for an update. The new site is faster, easier to navigate and mobile friendly, perfect for checking on the go.

Some key benefits of the website include:

  • Mobile friendly. Read the latest news, member resources and benefits, check the job postings, search the archives from the convenience of your phone.
  • Improved navigation. Over the past six years, we introduced a number of new member benefits such as our eTraining programs, Affinity Rx and a number of pharmacy practice tools. You’ve told us that sometimes it seems harder to find things on our website than you’d like. Our new navigation will make it easier to get to the sections you need.
  • Latest news and events. The BCPhA has always been committed to keeping you up to date, now the website will make that even easier. See our latest press releases or check out our events calendar.
  • The Tablet online. We know you enjoy The Tablet, and now it’s easier to read online.
  • Social sharing. The world is engaged in social and the new website lets you share articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or email.
  • Single sign-on. Sign on once and access the website, your member profile and the eTraining platform.

Some benefits of our new eTraining portal:

  • Improved search. We have more than 40 courses online and the list will keep growing. The online search features will make it a bit easier to find courses you are looking for.
  • Keeping track of completions. You can now start a course, and come back another day and pick up exactly where you left off. You can also regenerate a letter of participation for completed courses and access a full transcript of all your courses.
  • New notes feature. No need to scribble notes on a pad of paper. The notes feature allows for note taking while taking the course and can be downloaded or emailed to you at the click of a button. A link and time stamp will also be created with your note which links you back to the exact location in the course where you originally took the note.

Sign on, take a tour and let us know what you think. Email your thoughts on our new website to communications@bcpharmacy.ca for a chance to be included in a future issue.

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