Growing up on idyllic Malcolm Island, offshore from Port McNeill on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, pharmacist and Bowl of Hygeia Award winner Brittany Swanson learned the meaning of community from an early age.

A naturally inquisitive person, Collaborative Care Award winner Cameron Bonell has spent his career seeking out ways to expand the scope of his pharmacy practice. 

Former pharmacist and Lifetime Achievement Award winner Ron Gracan has spent his career championing independent pharmacies.   

Chances are, if you are a newly practicing pharmacist who was trained in B.C., you have been mentored by Safeway pharmacy manager and Murray Dykeman Mentorship Award winner Joanne Hui.

For Pharmasave owner/pharmacist Clancy O’Malley, his pharmacy is about more than prescriptions and medical advice. It’s a safe haven for members of Kamloops’ marginalized and vulnerable community to rest, enjoy a cup of hot coffee, and be shown warmth and respect.

As a pharmacy district manager with Sobeys National Pharmacy Group for nearly 20 years, Pharmacy Leadership Award winner Stephanie Hahn has directly impacted the careers and lives of countless pharmacy employees across B.C.