By Geraldine Vance

In anyone’s wildest imaginations, no one would have foreseen that the new decade would bring with it a pandemic that has rampaged around the globe.  Unprecedented seems to be the word of these times. That word certainly…

By Keith Shaw

At the time of writing, British Columbia, indeed all of Canada, is on the brink. The brink of a pandemic about to test our preparation, our resolve, our society. The pandemic has circled the globe, from China to Europe to our…

View the drug shortages from this week.

The full list of current shortages can be found on the PharmaCare drug shortage information page. 

As many British Columbians are aware, community pharmacists have been on the front-lines of the COVID-19 pandemic serving as crucial access points to health-care for the public.

Since March, pharmacists have been working to ensure all…

Whether you are a pharmacy student in first to third year or a fourth year about to graduate, you can join the frontlines in community pharmacy today.