Whether you are a pharmacy student in first to third year or a fourth year about to graduate, you can join the frontlines in community pharmacy today.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put considerable stress on all parts of the health-care system, including pharmacy.

Many patients on regular medications typically get a three-month supply when they go to the pharmacy. Over the last few weeks,…

Scams during COVID-19 pandemic College temporary authorizations of controlled substances; temporarily registering non-practicing pharmacy professionals

Unproven therapies for COVID-19; webinar on protecting pharmacy staff; suppliers of see through barriers

Patients who have run out of their medication or need more, should call ahead to their regular pharmacy to determine whether a pharmacist can provide the additional supply.

Graham Foster, owner at Lakeside Medicine Centre Pharmacy, holds up a reserved parking sign targeting at-risk patients during the COVID-19 outbreak. At-risk patients can call from the parking spot, and a pharmacy staff member will…