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The Tablet, our member magazine, features pharmacy and industry news, profiles on B.C. pharmacists, information on research developments and new products. It is a premiere quarterly print publication containing in-depth news, features, discussions on practice issues and recommendations. 

Inside each edition, you will find updates and profiles of BC Pharmacy Association members, a News Dose section containing the latest news affecting pharmacists in the province, an in-depth cover story, unique features and more.

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Winter 2020 — Explore Articles

Gray’s Compounding Pharmacy manager Michelle Gray and pharmacist Peter Wu.

Elected: Derek Desrosiers

Desson Consulting Ltd., Principal Vancouver, B.C. Elected 2020-2022

“I’m always striving to inspire other people to do better, to find where their strengths and passion lies…

Pharmacists Lin Ma (left) and Daniel Hong (right) make up the travel medicine team at Victoria Travel Clinic.

Vanessa Young was 15 when she died from a heart arrhythmia caused by a common prescription acid reflux drug.

Pharmacist Anthony Chiam has developed, a free online search engine to allow physicians, pharmacists and patients to quickly look up medications.

The pharmacy profession in Canada, and indeed B.C., has been challenged recently and many of our colleagues have been swept up by the change, feeling more like passengers than drivers of their figurative career “bus.” Owners and community…

Sayed Atthari, owner of Medlandia Pharmacy in Maple Ridge, recently met with patient-safety advocate Katie Clunn, her husband Dan Clunn and their daughter Jessika to discuss the importance of vaccines.

From left to right: David Parolin, National Field Sales Director for LifeScan, Elaine Cooke, Diabetes Educator Award Winner, Shelley L Jones RN, BScN, CDE, and Peter A. Senior MBBS, PhD, FRCP.

Pharmacist Nathan McLean founded Obsidian Support Services B.C., a peer-support network for professionals with safety sensitive jobs, like pharmacists, who are recovering from substance dependence.

I know it is 2020, the start of a new decade and we are all encouraged to look towards the future that embraces more technology. But I have to say, it may be in order to take a little look in the rearview mirror back to times when what you said,…

Pharmacy manager Mario Linaksita of University Pharmacy poses for a photo with B.C. Attorney General David Eby.