Medication Review Services

Now more than ever, British Columbians are taking control of their health by talking to their community pharmacist. Your pharmacist is a medication expert that can help you better understand your medications. Accessible and convenient, your pharmacist is available to help you with a variety of clinical pharmacy services, such as Medication Review Services and more.

If you have been prescribed at least five medications in the last six months and you are a BC resident with a valid BC Services Card, you may benefit from Medication Review Services.  The aim of the service is to help British Columbians better understand their medications. When you understand your medications – from why you are taking them, when to take them, and how to best take them – you make informed decisions and have greater ownership of your overall health. 

Pharmacists have been delivering Medication Reviews since April 2011. The service provides you with a one-on-one consultation with your pharmacist in a semi-private area of the pharmacy to discuss your prescription medications, as well as any over-the-counter meds, vitamins and natural health products you may also be taking (These are not included in the five medications required for eligibility). Your pharmacist will also provide you with a Best Possible Medication History, a form that lists all of your medications. You can use this form as a reminder to take your medications or share it with your family doctor or other health-care professional. 

Medication Review Services include:

Medication Review - Standard (MR-S)
The pharmacist meets with the patient to review their medications and prepare a Best Possible Medication History (BPMH). The purpose is to improve the patient’s understanding of their medications, including what medications they are taking, why they are being taken, and how best to take them. The BPMH can also be shared with other health-care professionals, such as the patient's family physician or specialist.

Medication Review - Pharmacist Consultation (MR-PC)
Undertaken only when a medication management issue (MMI) has been identified by a pharmacist during an MR-S. The pharmacist, in collaboration with the patient, and, if applicable, the prescriber(s), works to resolve the issue. This includes developing and implementing a care plan to resolve the issue and evaluate results.

Medication Review - Follow-Up (MR-F)
The pharmacist meets with patients who have already received a complete MR-S or MR-PC and require follow-up to:  

  • review a subsequent medication change,
  • address difficulties with understanding and/or implementing the care plan developed during an MR-PC, or
  • evaluate the care plan developed to resolve a medication management issue. 

Eligible patients may receive one Medication Review (which can include a pharmacist consultation or follow-up) once every six months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Am I eligible?

If you are a B.C. resident with a valid BC Services Card and you have taken at least five medications within the last six months, you may be eligible to receive Medication Review Services.Talk to your community pharmacist to find out more information.

Why do I need at least five medications to benefit from the service?

Patient eligibility requires patients to be taking at least five medications within the last six months that have been entered onto PharmaNet. The BC Ministry of Health wanted to ensure that the service was sustainable over the long-term, and that it benefited patients with the greatest need. 

If you are unsure whether you’re eligible for the service, talk to your community pharmacist.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

You don't need a doctor's referral to have a Medication Review, although your doctor may suggest it. Talk to your community pharmacist for more information.

What do I bring to the service?

Any medications that you are taking can and should be brought to your scheduled Medication Review. This includes prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, vitamins and natural health products. Your pharmacist will consider each of your medications and discuss with you how to achieve the best health outcomes.

Who should have a Medication Review?

B.C. patients that have been prescribed at least five medications in the last six months are eligible for the service. If you've just been discharged from the hospital with a list of prescriptions to fill or need help learning how to administer insulin injections, for example, your community pharmacist may recommend the service to help you better understand your medications.

My senior parent takes a lot of medications. I think he/she would benefit from the service. What do I do?

If your senior parent(s) has been prescribed at least five medications in the last six months and is interested in better understanding their medications, they may be eligible. Talk to your parent and obtain their full consent before arranging an appointment with a pharmacist. Medication Review Services cannot be given without prior consent from the patient.

Will a medication review improve my health?

Medication reviews aim to help you better understand your medications, which will make you more confident and help you make better decisions about your health. Understanding your medications is the key to making informed decisions about your health. Medication Reviews may identify issues, such as an interaction between your medications, changes that may be needed in dosage, etc. Your pharmacist may make recommendations to the way you take your medications to help you get the best result.