Pharmacist Awareness Month

Each March Pharmacist Awareness Month (PAM) helps celebrate and educate Canadians about the contributions that pharmacists make in the delivery of health care.

In B.C., the BC Pharmacy Association (BCPhA) will feature Think Pharmacists: Day in the Life, a campaign highlighting outstanding pharmacists and their contributions to patients in their communities. 

Take Rami Hanania, a pharmacist working in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. He sees firsthand the struggles of patients with opioid addiction and the toll of overdose deaths. Last year, B.C. experienced one of the worse years in overdoses attributed to the opioid crisis, with over 1,400 deaths in 2017.

Community pharmacists provide essential health-care services like opioid agonist treatment, immunizations and adapting prescriptions. They also provide coaching for smoking cessation, asthma, diabetes and cardiovascular health. 

Pharmacists are an integral part of the health-care services delivery team. In communities large and small across the province, community pharmacists are one of the most accessible health-care professionals. Even rural areas where access to health care can be limited, pharmacists like Michael Ortynsky help in providing primary care to patients. 

Celebrate pharmacists. Become aware of all the services they can offer and Think Pharmacists not just in March, but throughout the year. 

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Rami_Hanania Mona_Kwong Michael_Ortynsky Pindy_Janda_circle.png
Rami Hanania 
Mona Kwong
Michael Ortynsky
Pindy Janda


Did you know

In 2017, 1,353 community pharmacies throughout the province provided the following:

  • More than 660,000 flu shots
  • 8,753 adapted prescriptions
  • 77 million filled prescriptions
  • ~ 450 pharmacies providing free Take Home Naloxone kits to combat the opioid crisis
  • And more