Business Basics: Unpack the Facets of Pharmacy Ownership

Business Basics: Unpack the Facets of Independent Pharmacy Ownership in Canada, presented by Rxownership and Desson Consulting. Learn about the key elements of a business plan; the difference between an acquisition, buyout or starting a new pharmacy; valuations and financial planning; pharmacy design; and an overview of legal considerations.

Course Breakdown

The course is broken down into six modules. Upon completion of all of the modules, participants can receive a letter of participation for 3.5 hours of learning.

  1. Found a pharmacy for sale? Now what? (40 mins)
  2. How to conduct initial due diligence. The clock is ticking. (30 mins)
  3. How to negotiate. A Letter of Intent (LOI) in process. (40 mins)
  4. Meet & Greet: Secondary due diligence. (30 mins)
  5. Closing steps. That's a lot of stuff! (40 mins)
  6. Selling a pharmacy. What buyers need to know. (30 mins)

About the Authors: Phil Hauser and Derek Desrosiers

This course was developed by Phil Hauser and Derek Desrosiers under Rxownership.ca. Rxownership.ca has one purpose in mind: to help Canadian pharmacy professionals with the sale, purchase or transition of independent pharmacies. Our unmatched expertise supports the needs of current and future pharmacy owners, whether you’re looking to sell multiple pharmacies, purchase your very first pharmacy business or start one from scratch.

Phil Hauser is the President of Rxownership.ca and has worked directly with independent pharmacy owners for over 15 years.

Derek Desrosiers is a pharmacist and one of Canada’s foremost authorities on the economic and professional practice issues of pharmacy.

Registration Information

The course is $150 for members and $300 for non-members, plus GST.


Once your enrollment for this course is complete, you will receive an enrollment email to confirm the course availability.