Pharmacist and Publicly Funded Vaccinations in B.C.

BC Pharmacy Association has launched a new on-line e-training program on the role of the community pharmacist in publicly funded vaccination services in British Columbia. 

There is a significant increase in recognition in having community pharmacists as a logical immunization provider. With over 580,000 influenza vaccinations provided by community pharmacists in 2016/17 influenza season, a substantial increase from 39,000 in 2009, community pharmacists have a prominent role in the provision of publicly funded vaccines. As a community immunization provider, pharmacists have the opportunity to practise to their full scope.

Learning Objectives

Learn everything you need to know about B.C.’s publicly funded vaccines and how you can help to increase public vaccination as a pharmacist, by completing this on-line e-training program. Objectives include: 

  • Understanding how B.C.’s publicly funded program is structured.
  • Understanding how pharmacies can access publicly funded vaccines.
  • Understanding program specific procedures for procuring vaccines, recording and reporting vaccinations.
  • Understanding who qualifies for free vaccine and how to easily screen patients.

The learner must complete the following:

1)    All four modules must be completed:

  • Introduction
  • Part I – Understanding the structure of the public vaccine program – accessing and ordering vaccines.
  • Part II – Program administration and documentation. Patient identification and best practices for recording and reporting vaccine information.
  • Part III – Incorporating provision of publicly funded vaccines into your practice. 

2)    Final assessment is completed and submitted online. You must score 70% or higher.

3)    The evaluation form must be completed and submitted. You will be notified by email of your results with instructions on how to obtain your certificate.

Registration Information

The course is $100 for members and $200 for non-members, plus GST.


Once your enrollment for this course is complete, you will receive an enrollment email to confirm the course availability.