Cardiovascular Program

Pharmacist Health Coaching: Cardiovascular Program

BC Pharmacy Association and Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) partnered with Green Shield Canada (GSC) to offer cardiovascular risk management to patients in BC and Ontario who have extended health coverage with GSC.

This program is based on the successful pilot project sponsored by GSC, which provided clear evidence that a significant percentage of patients who received a pharmacist’s services had lower blood pressure, lower body mass indexes and improved medication compliance, which also led to reduced drug costs.

The program is available to patients with both high blood pressure and high cholesterol; who have extended health coverage with GSC; and who are 65 years or younger. Pharmacists determine patient eligibility based on review of a patient’s medication history.

Pharmacists will be compensated for their services by GSC: $60 for the initial consultation and $20 for each follow-up to a maximum of three follow-up consultations per year.

Successful completion of the Pharmacist Health Coaching – Cardiovascular Program online training course is a prerequisite to delivering this GSC program to eligible patients.

Learning objectives  

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Properly assess patients to calculate cardiovascular age and 10 year cardiovascular risk
  • Create an individualized treatment plan for patients with hypertension and dyslipidemia, based on current guidelines
  • Identify key principles of lifestyle modification and create a simple plan for patients to follow
  • Discuss medication regimens with patients and implement strategies to improve adherence
  • Apply the principles of motivational interviewing to help patients adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors and adhere to treatment regimens

CCCEP Accreditation

  • Number of CEUs: 3.00 CEUs.

Course contributors: Laura Tsang, RPh, ACPR (BScPhm, PharmD) & Laura Murphy, RPh, ACPR (BScPhm, PharmD)

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